Jobs Report Disappoints, Futures Plunge

The markets are closed today, but S&P 500 futures opened for 45 minutes this AM, allowing traders the opportunity to react to the March jobs report. Well it wasn’t pretty, as the number came in at +120K, on expectations of +205K. Shortly after the release, S&P 500 futures plunged by 20 points, or 1.4%. Treasury yields followed suit, with the 10-year yield dropping by 10 basis points, to 2.08%. This could make for a long weekend, especially for the bulls. Best of luck out there, and on with the links…

  • Detailed look at the disappointing jobs report. (Zero Hedge)
  • Swiss National Bank facing showdown with currency traders. (Bloomberg)
  • Highlights from Jamie Dimon’s letter to shareholders. (Deal Journal)
  • The ECB has lost control of Greek monetary policy. (Sober Look)
  • JP Morgan trader making waves in debt markets. (WSJ)
  • The Apple conundrum: When to sell. (Market Folly)
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