Thursday Links: Long Live Apple, Death to Gold

“Either the economy gets better and prices go up or the Fed prints money and prices go up”. -Jim Rogers

It seems the market believes that Apple’s stock will continue to rise as long as the sun does the same. Just recently, noted Apple analyst Gene Munster (of Piper Jaffray) raised his price target for the tech giant to $910/share. Another analyst raised his target to $1001/share. The momentum has really been accelerating for Apple lately, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a bear on the stock. Below is a wonderful look at what has happened to companies after they become the world’s largest (based on market cap), and what it means for the market.

Gold prices took a hit yesterday after the FOMC minutes release. The Fed is trying to downplay the possibility of more QE on the one hand, but the other is leaving the possibility (probability) out there. Of course the talking heads pile on every sell off as the death of the yellow metal. They’ve been wrong for decades now, and I suspect that trend will continue. Best of luck out there, and on with the links…

  • Apple: Market leader goes parabolic. Now what? (Market Anthropology)
  • Gold prices fall after Fed minutes show QE talk cooling. (Golcore)
  • Blame the Fed: Food inflation back on the table. (Reuters)
  • Stocks have 2nd biggest drop of 2012. (Zero Hedge)
  • Gibson’s paradox and the price of gold. (Pragmatic Capitalism)
  • Jobless claims decline after another upward revision. (Calculated Risk)
  • With most EU stock markets up, Spain is tanking… (Bespoke)
  • And Spain’s bond yields are marching higher. (FTAlphaville)
  • Volatility ETNs: TVIX chaos prompts concerns. (MarketBeat)
  • Fed policy should have been tighter leading into crisis. (The Aleph Blog)
  • Gold traders bearish for first time in 2012. Are they right? (Bloomberg)
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