Morning Links: Red Arrows

After a considerable respite, volatility has reared its ugly head once again. US markets are selling off this morning, with the S&P 500 lower by 1.3%. The VIX, which measures volatility in the S&P options market, is surging by 15% early in trading. Global markets are struggling as well, with fresh Greek fears forcing investors to run for the exits. The markets have been far too complacent in this new year, and today may signal a change in sentiment. But it really is too early to tell if the bears can gain any traction, as they have failed miserably with each attempt to take this market lower. Gold prices continue to get hammered, and are off by 2%, to $1670/oz. The 10-year note yield remains range-bound, now at 1.97%. Best of luck out there, and on with the links…

  • ECB balance sheet passes $3T Euros, 36x leverage. (Zero Hedge)
  • BRIC watch: Brazil’s economy slows sharply. (FT)
  • Enjoy the Central Bank party while it lasts. (The Big Picture)
  • Finance isn’t as amoral as it seems. (Bloomberg)
  • Vulnerable market? Silver says yes. (Market Anthropology)
  • Like last April, insiders are bearish. (Marketwatch)
  • As iPad 3 looms, is it time to sell Apple? (WSJ)
  • Quants are now calculating our future. (FT)
  • China foothold in US energy. (WSJ)
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