Morning Links: Correction Over?

Nearly every global equity market is pushing higher today after Greece approved a key austerity bill that may pave the way for a comprehensive bailout package. The S&P 500 has gained 0.59% early in trading. The EUR/USD pair continues higher, now sitting at $1.3228. Commodities are mixed this morning, with WTI crude oil outperforming, up by 1.33%, at $100/bbl. The 10-year note yield continues to hold below 2%, currently yielding 1.98%. This feels like a quiet move higher, as the news of the day is Apple’s stock breaking above $500/share for the first time ever. Best of luck out there, and on with the links…

  • Report: Walnut growers may abandon Diamond Foods. (Yahoo Finance)
  • Foreclosure deal may prop up state budgets. (Bloomberg)
  • You can own a piece of the Empire State Building. (Dealbook)
  • Economic schedule for the week ahead. (Calculated Risk)
  • Apple shares top $500 for the first time. (Market Beat)
  • Greece passes austerity as streets burn. (FT)
  • More upside for stocks? (A Dash Of Insight)
  • Volcker to push back on bank’s trading. (WSJ)
  • D.C.: Where $90B is a rounding error. (Bloomberg)
  • ECB rescue may spawn ‘zombie banks.’ (NYT)
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