Opening Bell

After the beating investors took yesterday, it looks as if markets will continue to sell off today. At the open, the S&P 500 is down 0.6%, while gold prices have been hammered, trading below the $1700 mark. The yield on the 10-year treasury is now 1.72%. I would expect some consolidation in stock prices today, and more strength for the U.S. dollar as many scramble for what the WSJ called ‘relative safety’ this AM. Best of luck out there, and on with the links

  • French, German CDS wagers soar. (Bloomberg)
  • H-P defending hasty Whitman hire. (WSJ)
  • 40 worst performing S&P 500 stocks from the last two days. (Bespoke)
  • FedEx sees signs of a global economic slowdown. (Pragmatic Capitalism)
  • 30-year bond move biggest since Black Monday. (Zero Hedge)
  • Nice market review for 9/23. (Crossing Wall Street)
  • CERN: Particle may have moved faster than speed of light. (Bloomberg)
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